How to apply for United Kingdom Visa from Pakistan

How to apply for United Kingdom Visa from Pakistan

UK has been a favorite choice for Pakistanis in terms of Studies, Work and Traveling. They offer international students an experience that is popular throughout the world. Students are able to avail better jobs once done which makes UK a popular chance for students to travel to. With studies, their scenic nature and clean environment performs as a therapy for travelers and tourists thus it is the world’s 6th major tourist destination in the world.

united kingdom visa apply from pakistan

UK Visa Application from Pakistan

Around 39.2 million visits to UK just for the sake of tourism thus one can imagine how much people love to travel to UK.

In order to apply for UK Visa from Pakistan, the Embassy of or the British High Commission is situated in Diplomatic Enclave of the capital Islamabad and British Deputy High Commission in Clifton Karachi. Or you can reach them through email at, .

UK Visa Application Center Pakistan

In Pakistan, a private company by the name, VFS Global, are working in corporation with UK Visas and Immigration to provide proper administrative support to applicants for all kinds of temporary resident categories be it visit, student or work visa. One can visit them anytime to apply for visa with professional help to ensure all goes well. The company has its centers in for UK Visa in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Mirpur.

Visa process UK

First of all you decide which type of visa you have to apply for, either it is visit, student, work visa, or you are just looking for immigration. A lot of research is needed in order to apply for visa, and the first part of your process is to check which visa are you eligible for. To make it easy, the UK government offers online questionnaire, the questionnaire tells your type and which documents will be needed accordingly. The questionnaire can be found on this link:

Since we live in a digital era, now you can apply for visa online, pay the fees and get an appointment on the given link: .

According to points based system there 5 different categories of Visas:

  • Tier 1 Visas – For Highly-skilled Foreigners

  • Tier 2 Visas – For Skilled Foreign Workers With a Job Offer in a Shortage Area

  • Tier 3 Visas (never implemented) – For Low-skilled Foreign Workers With a Temporary Job Offer in a Shortage Area

  • Tier 4 Visas – For Foreign Students and Specialists

  • Tier 5 Visas – For Youth Mobility and Temporary Foreign Workers


Based on the category that applies to you, you further choose the type to apply for and book an appointment for nearest Visa center. While applying it has to be made sure that all the required documents are available.

The application requirements which are same for all UK visa application from Pakistan are as follows:

  • Current passport

  • Any genuine travel identification in situation of no passport

  • Evidence of support during stay like pay slips, bank statements from last six months

  • Blank page with both sides empty in passport to enter visa details

  • Certified translated documents which are those not in English or welsh

  • Then there are documents which are specific to the type being applied for.

Once applied and appointment is booked, a checklist should be printed to ensure all the correct documents are submitted and sign it at the appointment. On the day of your appointment you must take a print of your application and additional needed documents mentioned here to be submitted to the center and During the appointment biometric verification will be conducted which involves photograph and fingerprinting.


UK Visa fee from Pakistan

The visa free from Pakistan range between 464 and 1,623 UK Pounds. The fees depends upon the tier under which your application lies, and the type chosen. To know the exact amount of fees you’d have to pay for your application refer to the link here:


How to track visa application

The visa decision will be informed to the center, an email will be sent to you to update you about your visa. If email is unable to be reached, the update can be provided through SMS on your phone as well.

UK student visa application from Pakistan

Every year around 130,000 students apply for study permit or visa to Canada. For students from Pakistan there a lot of documents and formalities to be fulfilled in order to apply or get a student visa for Canada. The Canadian Student visa also allows you to work on campus, and also you can apply for a visa extension when your current visa is about to expire. The documents required for student visa to Canada from Pakistan are,

  1. Proof of Acceptance: A letter from the applied university that has granted you admission. The acceptance letter must include,

  • The name and date of birth of the student

  • Mailing address

  • The chosen course and its duration

  • Whether the course is fulltime or part-time and when the course will commence and end.

  • The tuition fee

  • Any acceptance conditions

  • In case of a private institution, licensing information is to be mentioned.

  • The letter must contain signatures of an official representative of the desired institution.



  • Proof of Identity:


  • Copies of CNIC

  • Valid passport

  • 2 recent passport size photographs, with name and DOB mentioned on its back



  • Proof of Financial Support.

  • Proof of a Canadian bank account in your name

  • Bank statements at least for the last 4 months

  • Proof of payment of tuition and residence fees

  • A bank draft to be attached that can be converted

  • Any scholarship if given, proof to be attached.




  • Application for study permit:


Complete application form must be attached, and in case you are travelling with a family member or spouse, each members forms are to be attached, be it adults or minors.



  • Police Clearing fees and processing fees


A police clearance form, taken from the home country is to be attached. Also proof of the processing fees is to be attached.



  • Educational Documents:


All educational documents, certificates and degrees are to be attached. In case of IELTS, the result must be attached within



  • Personal Statement:


Lastly your application must contain a personal statement, which mentions all your achievements, goals, ambitions etc. coupled with your recent and update curriculum Vitae (CV).


How to apply

The above documents must all be attached and completed to the best of your knowledge, in case of spouse or children accompanying, their forms and documents must also be complete and attached.


Process time and Fee

In order to obtain a study visa to Canada for Pakistani students takes almost 10 weeks of processing time.

Processing fee, is around 125 CAD (Canadian Dollar) for Pakistani students.


UK Spouse Visa from Pakistan

The process for applying is the same as mentioned above, both applicants are to fill forms if applying to go to UK together.

However the difference is when one the spouses is already settled in UK they may apply as sponsors for their spouse applying from Pakistan. The sponsor then has to take care of all financial requirements of the applicant.


Urgent Visa to UK

Usually in the case of urgent business or studies, some applicants need to apply for an urgent processing of their visa, it usually takes around 20-60 days to process. However in case of urgent visa, which is not like a for sure solution as it only depends if you can get an urgent visa. An extra amount of pounds are added to the pre-existing fee mentioned above to process your visa in round about 10 days, which is the least amount of days it takes. This can be done using the premium services by VFS Global at,


UK Visa Tb Test

If you are a resident of Pakistan and are applying to come to UK for more than 6 months, you must get a TB test done before you visit.

The Home office only has a list of clinics from where the tests are to be done,

This link contains the list of clinics approved for TB tests by the Home office UK.


UK settlement visa application from Pakistan

In July 2016, changes were made to the settlement visa application the United Kingdom from Pakistan. This was on order of the British High Commission in Islamabad.

The new rules state that the applicants must submit their passports to the Visa Application center. However the remaining documents are now sent to UKVI in Sheffield (UK) by the sponsor/applicant.

The process takes around 60 days, after which through Gerry’s the passport is returned to the applicant and documents go back to the sponsor.

However in the cases of urgent visas or premium services, VFS Global provides the settlement priority visa service at


With the process mentioned above, it is quite convenient to apply to UK as it gives a complete checklist of the needs of a UK visa from Pakistan. Be it for your studies, for a business trip or to settle in the UK, this is the one spot where you can find complete information regarding it.