How to apply Canada Visa from Pakistan

How to apply Canada Visa from Pakistan

Canada is not just snow and Niagra falls, rather it’s a land for immigrants and natives to prosper together. The country has become a very favorable state to either visit or migrate too especially under the current regime of Justin Trudeau, current Prime Minister of Canada.

Canada visa apply

Canada Visa Application from Pakistan

Over 35 Million people visit Canada every year, in order to pursue studies, careers or even just enjoy holidays enjoying the great state.

In order to apply for Canadian Visa from Pakistan, the Embassy of or the Canadian High Commission is situated in sector G-5 of the capital Islamabad. Or you can reach them through email at, .

Visa Application Centre Pakistan

In Pakistan, a private company by the name, VFS Global, are the only authorized people by the Refugee, immigration and Citizenship Canada in order to operate these Visa application centers in Pakistan. These VAC’s are present to provide proper administrative support to applicants for all kinds of temporary resident categories be it visit, student or work visa. They help submit your applications to the Refugee, Immigration and Citizenship offices of Canada.

Visa process Canada

First of all you decide which type of visa you have to apply for, either it is visit, student, work visa, or you are just looking for immigration. A lot of research is needed in order to apply for visa, and the first part of your process is to check if you are eligible for that visa or not. To make it easy, the Canadian Government offers online eligibility tests, the questionnaire tells your position, and instructs how you may make your eligibility possible or easier. These tests are available at

Since we live in a digital era, now you can make an account on the above given link, you choose whether to apply online or you do it in person. In order to sign up there are two options, firstly you may do it through online banking or secondly you, create a Government of Canada Login key.

The application requirements are as follows, Canada visa application from Pakistan is also the same.

  • Duly filled application forms

  • Complete family information forms

  • Complete travel history and a passport scan

  • Employment history and education credentials

  • Bank statements

  • Criminal History forms

  • Photographs for the visa

  • Invitation letter in case of sponsorship

  • Complete travel itinerary (in case of visit visa)

  • Last but not the least, reason for visit to Canada.


Once all these documents are attached and you complete your online application, the website redirects you to the payment page, where they payment depends on the type of visa, these fees range from 20$ to 50$. The online application will process in 5 days, however if you are doing it in person you just go and submit all your documents to the Canadian High Commission.

The processing ranges from two weeks or more, they verify documents, sometimes they may even ask for more documents, depending on the type of visa. You may also be called for bio-metrics and then an interview.

This interview decides whether they deem you fit to grant you the visa to their country, you are to carry documents and photographs with you to the interview.

If your interview is successful, you are to submit your passport to the Canadian embassy in your home country. After the process is complete and your payment is cleared, the stamped passport is then mailed back to you and you may now travel to Canada.


Canada Visa fee from Pakistan

The visa free from Pakistan is almost, 85 CAD (Canadian Dollars) for the whole process.


How to track visa application

In order to track your visa application, as mentioned above you can do so through the VFS Global website, you get a clear Canada visa application status check from Pakistan. Step by step you are being told about your application and are timely notified for any changes or any other requirements.

Now that we have mentioned the General way of applying your Canada Visa from Pakistan, we break it down into the types of visa you may apply,


Canada student visa application from Pakistan

Every year around 130,000 students apply for study permit or visa to Canada. For students from Pakistan there a lot of documents and formalities to be fulfilled in order to apply or get a student visa for Canada. The Canadian Student visa also allows you to work on campus, and also you can apply for a visa extension when your current visa is about to expire. The documents required for student visa to Canada from Pakistan are,

  1. Proof of Acceptance: A letter from the applied university that has granted you admission. The acceptance letter must include,

  • The name and date of birth of the student

  • Mailing address

  • The chosen course and its duration

  • Whether the course is fulltime or part-time and when the course will commence and end.

  • The tuition fee

  • Any acceptance conditions

  • In case of a private institution, licensing information is to be mentioned.

  • The letter must contain signatures of an official representative of the desired institution.



  • Proof of Identity:


  • Copies of CNIC

  • Valid passport

  • 2 recent passport size photographs, with name and DOB mentioned on its back.



  • Proof of Financial Support.

  • Proof of a Canadian bank account in your name

  • Bank statements at least for the last 4 months

  • Proof of payment of tuition and residence fees

  • A bank draft to be attached that can be converted

  • Any scholarship if given, proof to be attached.




  • Application for study permit:


Complete application form must be attached, and in case you are travelling with a family member or spouse, each members forms are to be attached, be it adults or minors.



  • Police Clearing fees and processing fees


A police clearance form, taken from the home country is to be attached. Also proof of the processing fees is to be attached.



  • Educational Documents:


All educational documents, certificates and degrees are to be attached. In case of IELTS, the result must be attached within



  • Personal Statement:


Lastly your application must contain a personal statement, which mentions all your achievements, goals, ambitions etc. coupled with your recent and update curriculum Vitae (CV).


How to apply

The above documents must all be attached and completed to the best of your knowledge, in case of spouse or children accompanying, their forms and documents must also be complete and attached.


Process time and Fee

In order to obtain a study visa to Canada for Pakistani students takes almost 10 weeks of processing time.

Processing fee, is around 125 CAD (Canadian Dollar) for Pakistani students.


Canada Immigration from Pakistan


Immigration to Canada from Pakistan has become a norm in the recent past. There are several types of immigration to the North American Country, which are listed below,



  • Skilled Workers


Most people who want to immigrate are looking for jobs, but the Canadian government has the skilled workers visa for people who can be an asset to generating revenue for the Canadian Economy. For these skilled workers the IRCC has developed the Express Entry system. According to this system, people are selected on the basis of skills they possess and how they can be of value to Canada.

Starting by building a profile on the Express entry system website,


Here it determines your skill level and of what value you are for the Canadian economy.

Now the basic requirement for this system is that the applicant must be proficient in two languages namely English and French. You must have proper certificates that prove your command on these languages.

Now if your profile is complete the IRCC contacts your regarding an application for permanent residency, however this PR is only offered to people who meet these certain standards for it.



  • Family Sponsorship:


The second type of immigration is through family sponsorship. The only way you can apply for this is if you have any relative blood related already a citizen of Canada or has PR. Your resident relative will act as a sponsor for you, however they can only apply at the time when sponsorship is open by the IRCC. In case you fail to meet the deadline, the sponsor must wait till the next year to apply. Once you do apply, your sponsor is your financial guardian and must bear all costs for your living in the country until you become a resident.


Now that we have mentioned the types of immigrations, to ease up the process people do seek help, from consultants. With firms in International hubs like Ontario and Vancouver, My visa source is the best bet, they help complete your profile and are 24/7 available to handle any queries.


PR Points Calculator


Lastly in order to attain permanent residency in Canada, there are certain points awarded to different things.

This website contains complete guide to how you may attain points and for what skills they are avoided. The score is out of a total of 100 points, out of which a minimum of 67 are required in order to get immigration to Canada.

Points are awarded on the basis of language, educational qualifications, job history, skill level and minor points are also given for spouses etc.


All in all, Canada is a land of opportunity, with low racism problems, they welcome skilled workers and students for work and study opportunities with open arms. And in the current regime it has become easier and convenient for residents of developing nations like Pakistan.